Isabel Mary Giddings

Born January 5, 2009


Isabel was born in Tallahassee as a Seminole but given a Gator heart. They say God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers, and Isabel was a warrior. She made it through every battle God tested her with. God picked Sarah specifically to take care of his angel, and she was a perfect match. Mother wouldn’t be able to properly define Sarah. Isabel defied expectations because she had a mother that wouldn’t accept anything less than perfect for God’s angel.

They said she wouldn’t be able to see, they were right. She couldn’t see such things as sadness or anger, she only saw love and happiness. She saw only the good in everything and everyone. She never met a stranger and didn’t know the meaning of personal space. She touched and loved everyone she came in contact with. Bad days didn’t exist with Isabel. She blessed Sarah and Brian and gave them much more than they could ever give her. She taught us all love and the meaning of living in the moment.

Doctors called Isabel a Miracle, but she wasn’t a miracle in the medical sense, she was a miracle because she was angel on earth, blessing each one she came in contact with. She had a relationship and faith in Jesus that could only have resulted from personal meetings. It was impossible to be sad near Isabel, because her love transcended things such as depression or grief. She melted any and every heart, no matter how frigid.

Her best friend in life was her little brother, Joseph, and they loved just as hard as they ever argued. Her favorite thing in life was sleepovers, preferably with Nana or Mimi.

On February 28, 2020, Isabel asked to sleep with her mother. God only lets the world borrow his angels and he wanted her back that night. The World won’t be the same without her but what she gave to this world in her 11 years is more than anyone could give in two lifetimes.

She is preceded in death by her Uncle Joseph (“Bear”) and is survived by her Father and Mother, Sarah and Brian. Her best friend and little brother, Joseph. Her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the countless people that she blessed with her presence.

In lieu of flowers, please honor Isabel Mary Giddings memory by making a donation to UF Health Shands Hospital. Gifts may be payable to Isabel Mary Giddings Trust Fund in care of Lucy Mallini. Donations can be mailed to 212 43rd Avenue, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706.

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